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Anno Moyoko is an outstanding mangaka, a unique representative author of Japanese comics.

The Five Buffalo Girls

In the tiny, run-down villages that tattoo this dusty expanse, there exist girls who have been sold to brothels. Day in and day out, they battle with men's sexual desire while they try to come to terms with their own feelings and sentiments. Even prostitutes fall in love, you know. There are men who fall in love with them, too...but the freedom to love who one wishes doesn't exist in whorehouses. "Love or life. Choose one."
"I choose love."
"But if you die, then you can't love anyone."
In a world rampant with sex and violence, how can these girls survive? One day, Candy and Suzy decide to risk their lives and escape the brothel, all for the sake of the freedom they've never had.
"We're actually stronger than this."
"I can hear a voice deep within my body...telling me to listen to my instincts!"

A Mangaka who Represents Japan Anno Moyoko

Born March 26, 1971.
Made her debut in 1989 in Extra Shojo Friend DX Juliette (Koudansha) with the series "Mattaku Ikashita Yatsura Da Ze!" (They're totally awesome!)
Made a huge break with the series "Happy Mania," serialized in FEEL YOUNG (Shoudensha). Her representative works are "Jelly Beans," "Sakuran," and "Hataraki Man."

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