Sato Shuho Complete Works Translation Project

Sato Shuho, one of the great modern-day mangaka in Japan, has decided to reach out to his fans and work together with them in order to spread his work out to the world in all languages! medical world and Japanese society, based on thorough research done by the author.
Give My Regards to Black Jack1 Give My Regards to Black Jack1

Saito Eijiro, a doctor in training at a first-rate university hospital, prepares to take his first patient three months before he graduates.

Watch as Saito struggles with the hypocrisy that plagues Japan's medical system in this ground-breaking medical drama!

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New Give My Regards to Black Jack1 New Give My Regards to Black Jack

Continuing from where the previous series left off, Saitou Eijirou prepares for his final internship in the urology department.

Hypocrisies from the Japanese medical world, Japanese society, Japanese culture, and the human mind all swirl together as Saitou finds out what it truly means to perform an organ transplant.

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Umizaru Umizaru

Senzaki Daisuke, a rookie coast guard officer, happens to find himself on the patrol boat Nagare next to a rookie newspaper reporter named Urabe Miharu. Together, they sail out to rescue the "Houraigou," a Chinese cargo ship.

By the time they find the ship, it's about to sink! Senzaki pushes his body to the limit in order to save every single passenger aboard.
A passionate human drama on the sea is about to begin!!

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Tokko Island Tokko Island

"Weapons that do not expect to come back alive."
That was the only explanation the boys were given when they asked about their special training.

As they speculate about the truth, these young applicants are sent to a remote island. And what they saw when they arrived was...

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Sato Shuho
Sato Shuho Sato Shuho

Born December 8, 1973 Hokkaidō, Japan
Representative of Sato Shuho Manga Works

Representative Works: Umizaru, Give My Regards to Black Jack.
Manga Currently in Serialization: Tokko Island, Comic Sato.
I'll do my best.
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